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  • All 36 points races will be part of the pool.
    Cost to participants is two bucks a race payable in advance of the DAYTONA 500.
  • There will be NINE payouts @ $50 each, one after every four race set, to the person
    accumulating the most points for only that group of races. You will see the schedule is set
    up as nine groups of four races. Two way ties will split (50/50). Three or 4 way ties will
    be broken down if possible, to two people based on current season standings.
  • There will be $10 per race held for a trifecta reserve. This reserve will accumulate
    until someone hits, and then restart. You hit the trifecta - - - you get the reserve.
  • Before each race, you pick the top 3 finishers, (by car #) and points will be awarded like this:
    Note: Each Pick Must Be a Different Number
    10 points if your car finishes FIRST and you pick'em to finish FIRST
    6 points if your car finishes SECOND and you pick'em to finish SECOND
    4 points if your car finishes THIRD and you pick'em to finish THIRD
    1 point for each of your picks that doesn't place but finishes in the top five.
  • Total pool ASSETS = ($2 per race) X (36 races) X (# of participants).
    Assuming we have 50 to 60 entries, this could be between $3600 - $4320.
    $450 will be allocated for the four race deal. That leaves $3150 -$3870 for points payoff
    at the end of season, (minus any trifecta payouts). This year, assuming 60 entries,
    ONLY the top 20 places will pay off at season end according to the following schedule:

  • The numbers below will increase or decrease in proportion to the number of participants.
    (Payoff percentages will remain the same regardless of number of entries, dollar amts are based on 50 entries)
    $572 $406 $347 $298 $261 $219 $190 $161 $138 $110
    $88 $73 $60 $49 $43 $37 $30 $23 $19 $16
    -Last Place will also receive a token payment -           ( Every dollar paid into this pool will be paid out by season end )
  • Your picks must be called in or emailed before the start of the race. It's not wise to
    wait till the last minute because you might be calling a BUSY line (no call waiting here).
    If I do not hear from you by the start of the race, your picks from the previous race will be used.
  • Email picks ... Watch out for AOL, They may not send your mail on the same day!
    I will honor all picks received before the start of the race and I will send confirmation.
    Any Email Picks I receive that are time-stamped AFTER the start of the race
    will be discarded and your picks from the previous race will be used.
  • Race results will be posted on the website no later than Tuesday.